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Frequently Asked Questions

Contracts have been concluded for the distribution of the VTK television program
with over 70 cable operators. Through its distribution on the Internet, cable and via satellite, the VTK program is available in more than 200 countries.
You can also watch the VTK program live on the website

Expect an interactive map soon with the specific settlements in which
VTK is spreading!

“Bulgarian Army” is a different newspaper, you know. It has been published since 1892 and is
the oldest in modern periodical printing. He flipped through his pages
over three centuries. He entered the paint. In the trenches. In the jacket pocket and
overcoat. He was close to the heart of our great Bulgarian soldier. In war and in
peace. We’re #1 in the catalog again. In 2024, we offer a subscription to
super symbolic prices – only BGN 3 for six months and BGN 6 for a year.
You can subscribe at any post office in the country
for “Bulgarian Army”. This work is also done online. You just log on and done.

Applications under the Law on Access to Public Information can be submitted to the following address: e-mail:

The e-mail address of the office of the Minister of Defense is: e-mail:

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